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The Story of Bubbly Bubbles Laundry

January 26, 2021

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On December 24, 2020, we purchased Bubbly Bubbles Laundry. We have spent a great deal of time cleaning and refurbishing this laundromat and will continue to do so until this place looks like a brand-new laundry! This laundry is fully attended with staff that is helpful and makes sure that the deep cleaning occurs several times a day. While this is important at any time, during this pandemic, it is even more critical that everything is sanitized.

Some of our customers have decided that they spend less time in public if they just drop off their laundry to us and let us launder and fold it for them. Rather than spending an hour or two in a laundromat, it takes four minutes--two to drop of their dirty clothes and two minutes to pick them up the next day all laundered, folded, and bagged. They love our wash and fold service.

So, we decided to add pickup and delivery laundry service. We offer this service for both our residential and commercial customers. We have deliveries seven days a week. It's easy to schedule a pickup. You just click on the button and the prompts will tell you what to do. We can knock on your door to pick up your clothing or if you would prefer contactless pickup service, we can do it that way. Let us know. We will text you when we are on our way to your home or business. You can leave your bag of clothing on the porch when you know we are on our way. When we drop off your clothes, we will knock on your door like Fed-Ex and just leave your freshly washed and folded clothes on the doorstep. We will do it "your way". If you want contactless, we will do that. If you want us to ring the bell when we are there to collect the clothes, we can do it that way.

We know that Covid has changed the laundry habits of many people. We want you to remain safe and have a comfort level knowing that we will launder your clothes without you having to go out in public. We look forward to meeting you and helping you through this time.

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